Kate Wear



Kate is a client service associate at Bickling Financial Services. She joined the firm in November 2020.

Previously, Kate was an institutional municipal bond saleswoman for UBS and served as a client service associate at PaineWebber. She also worked in the retail and ski industries for many years.

Kate graduated from Keene State College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. She enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, hiking, skiing, and mountain biking, depending on the season. She particularly enjoys time spent with her loyal but naughty Labrador retrievers.

Kate can be reached at 781-862-9792 or katherine.vanwely@bickling.com

  1. I live and die to ski…

  2. I love my two English Labrador retrievers

  3. I love my two English Labrador retrievers

  4. I am a huge gardener

  5. I love to hike the mountains of NH

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