Jack Freedman


Jack Freedman joined Bickling Financial Services as a financial planning associate in 2022.He is proud to utilize his knowledge of blockchain technology, investment fundamentals, and financial planning to help clients with their financial planning goals. He is pursuing a Certified Financial Planning (CFP) designation.

Jack graduated from Bentley University with a B.S. in Finance with a concentration in Financial Planning and a minor in Law. During his time at Bentley, he co-founded the Bentley Blockchain Association, serving as a senior advisor and analyst. He also co-founded and served as the vice president of finance of the Bentley Spikeball Club.

Jack works in our Lexington office and can be reached at 781-862-9792 or jack.freedman@bickling.com.

  1. My perfect weekend would consist of golfing, swimming, friends, and plenty of good food.

  2. I am a loyal Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots fan.

  3. My favorite sport to watch is Basketball.

  4. My favorite place that I have traveled is Israel.

  5. I enjoy going to the gym.