Bickling Andrew Betts Profile



When done correctly, qualified and non-qualified retirement plans can be very effective ways to attract and retain talented employees. Andy keeps business owners and managers on track by researching and evaluating investment choices to help management maintain the optimum investment menu in each plan. As a financial planner and experienced entrepreneur, Andy works with businesses to balance investment fees with long-term performance potential. He also assists plan participants in understanding the process of constructing portfolios using disciplined asset allocation tailored to their unique needs.

Andy also likes to give back by teaching various financial classes at local community colleges, employee assistance programs and senior centers.

An active Lexington Lion, Andy earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 1993 and an MBA from Babson College in 2001. He holds series 6, 7, 65 and 73 securities registrations and is a licensed insurance agent.

Andrew works in our Lexington office and can be reached at 781-862-9792 or

  1. We have two dogs: a boxer named Marvelous Marvin, and a bull terrier named Eggo.

  2. I play soccer and this season moved up to an over 50 team.

  3. I’m a pretty good cook.

  4. I started my career as a chemical engineer working in Louisiana.

  5. I played soccer all over Europe the Summer that Chernobyl exploded.